Martial Arts Monday: What’s The Weight?

So I have a fun habit: I enjoy going to thrift stores, goodwill, salvation armies, and the like and finding cool things. One thing that I always keep an eye out for is workout equipment for my Kung Fu School. Lets face it, this stuff can be pricy, so if I can find a deal, I’m going to take it. My most frequent purchases are weights. Below is a photo of all the weights at my studio, and they all came from the local goodwill.

Whats The Weight

Seeing all of the weights against the wall of my studio got me wondering. Why did they all end up at goodwill? I hypothesize the following: that each set of weights represents someone that started a workout program on their own, and quit. I am a frugal man, (as can be shown by the fact that all of my weights cam from goodwill) so I would hate to spend money on something that I would use a handful of times and give up on. And I am sure that many people would feel the same way about their hard earned money. No one wants to waste it. And everyone wants to feel and look good.

So why then, do all these weights and other workout equipment end up being donated every year? It comes down to what your motivation is in starting a program. For some, your doctor might have said it would be healthy if you lost a few pounds. Others might have a wedding or family trip they want to look good for. Some might just enjoy working out, weird I know! But what most people struggle with is holding on to motivation once their short-term goal has been reached. 

Real fitness is where you are physically for 12 months out of the year. The goal is to not have that year look like a rollercoaster. We will all have ups and downs, but trying to keep a healthy balance is key. 

What has always helped me, is working out with other people. I’ve seen friends workout together, chat the whole time, get in each other’s way, and not make much progress. It helps to be taught by someone who is more knowledgeable than you. Instructional videos can only go so far. I also believe that weights and equipment get ditched quickly because people can experience pain from working out with the equipment incorrectly. There is a difference between a burn and pain. Having a skilled set of eyes watching you can help prevent that from happening. 

Now the biggest issue, hiring a trainer or coach can get pricy, just like paying for new workout equipment and videos. But how important is your life to you? That may sound harsh, but my greatest motivation for staying in shape is that I want to be able to do Kung Fu until the day I die. I cannot do that is I don’t workout. 

Whatever your long-term goal is, I hope that you have good people around you to help you, and that there is a good trainer in your area that can help take you to the next level of your training. 

Respectfully Written, Big Cat