Martial Arts Monday: Back To School

Back To School

It’s that time again, where summer ends and kids are heading back to school to learn and grow as individuals. Today I want to talk about three of the biggest reasons why Martial Arts training can help a student do better in school.


  1. Students learn to focus in a different environment

Before a student can learn techniques or forms, they have to know how to pay attention. At my studio that is the first lesson, I tell the students that paying attention means to look and listen. With all of the activities we do, I remind the students that if they want to be their best, they need to try to pay attention for the entire class. Great Martial Arts schools will instill work ethic into a child while teaching them strong mechanics on the floor and making it fun & enjoyable.


  1. It provides a physical outlet

Sitting in a classroom for 8 hours each day just isn’t something that a young child can do. Heck, I don’t think I could do it now as an adult. In a Martial Arts studio, the kids are active, giving them a chance use their body while growing their minds at the same time. Students also get to use their bodies in a way that isn’t acceptable for school with punching, kicking, etc. These skills then can translate to other sports, and personal growth outside of school. Kids need space to be physical and Martial Arts provides a safe environment for them to do just that.


  1. Students learn without the pressure of grades

I like to remind my students that the best combination you can be is strong and smart. In Martial Arts students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. We do group drills and exercises together and then split up to work on traditional forms. When the students split, they learn how to practice and work independently on their own to get better. Yes, we do test students, but it isn’t about the belt, or even how long it took to learn everything for the test. Martial Arts is a journey and no ones journey is exactly the same as anyone else’s. Students aren’t judged based on comparisons to someone else’s performance. They succeed on their own merits.


One other thing that I like to do is to check in with parents on how their students are doing in school. When the time comes for a student to test at my studio, their parents must sign off that they are trying there best in school and at home. This keeps them accountable for how they act even when not in the studio. I have seen that through Martial Arts students get to learn who they are, and what they are capable of.


Respectfully Written, Big Cat