Martial Arts Monday: Competition Prep – One Week To Go!

Competition Prep

On March 31 I am taking some of my students to a Martial Arts Tournament. I like to compete at these events as well so that my students can see where their training can take them one day. Plus I’m also “fairly“ competitive so I look forward to testing my forms and sparing abilities! With one week to go I’d like to share with you how I prepare for weekends like this.

Eat Healthy

Vegetable omelettes in the morning, chicken stir fry or grilled chicken on salad for lunch and then shakes after my evening classes and workouts. And when I say shakes I don’t just mean protein powder in water. I throw three different whole fruits into a blender with the protein powder, almonds or cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, either some yogurt or ice cream and a splash of milk. Usually works for my last meal of the day.  I don’t consider this a diet. I don’t think that I am restricting myself in anyway because if I want to have a piece of toast with my breakfast or have steak instead of chicken I can do so. This is just an average meal schedule for me.

Extra Forms During Workouts

I like to stay sharp on all of my material so that I can be the best instructor to my students. So after I have gone through everything that I need to during a work out, that is when I take the time to go over the forms that I will be competing with at the tournament. I will then do them two or three extra times to improve my stances and speed to the optimum level.

Not Skipping Workouts

The months leading up to a tournament means that I don’t take extra rest days apart from the ones I already take. My body does need to rest and I understand that. But that does not mean I get to be lazy. I’m going to have people holding me to a high standard during the competition so I need to hold myself to a higher standard in my training.

Skipping Beers

I love hanging out with my friends. And weekends are often tough because people want to go out and do stuff. And I don’t say no to going out with friends easily. But I can say no to drinking when I’m out with them. One beer isn’t going to completely ruin my chances at the tournament or diminish my skills. But if I were to wake up and feel groggy and missed my workouts things can quickly spiral and I would not feel or be my best by showtime. I still go out and have fun but for me winning is a lot of fun too!

Wait - Can’t I Do This Year Round?

Yes. I do not need to be competing to better myself in martial arts or in healthy living. However, I always push ourselves extra when something big is on the line like a tournament. I’m ready & looking forward to this weekend!

Respectfully Submitted, Big Cat

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