Martial Arts Monday: The First Steps of a Long Journey (1,000 Miles or So)

Welcome to the Zodiac Combat Sports Blog: “MARTIAL ARTS MONDAY

This is a weekly blog to encourage discussion within the martial arts community. Whether you are a teacher, school owner, student, parent or just a lover of the arts, this is the blog for you.

At the heart of all martial arts is respect. In that regard, this blog is a space for people to openly share their own stories, lessons, values, ideas and personal feelings towards martial arts. Blogs are written by members within the Zodiac Combat Sports community, but again are their own beliefs. We hope that the diversity in writings will spur tremendous conversations.

We encourage all of you to enjoy, laugh, debate, and even defend a different perspective than what is written week to week. That is the concept behind the comment section of our blog. We want to know your thoughts. If I knew everything then I would have a school with 1000 students in it by now.

We all come from different backgrounds, from kung-fu to karate to taekwondo and any of the other styles in between. But if you are reading this blog, then you respect the lifestyle that comes with training in any martial art. It is the goal of Zodiac Combat Sports to be the home for New England Martial Arts and help grow the community that martial arts breeds.

Happy Monday Everybody! We’ll see you here next week!

With Respect,
The War Council

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