Honestly this should be enough without having to dive into a further explanation. However, the reality is that sometimes people need a reminder of what is right and what is wrong. Let me break it down for you as best I can. (This may have a harsher tone than my usual posts but I feel this is of the utmost important)

Do Not Date Your Students

Don’t date your children students!

A couple different scenarios for you. First of all, if you ever have any intention to do anything that would fall under a relationship or relations with anyone under the age of consent there is no place for you in this industry! Second, if you have known a student since they were under age and have since become of age, that does not make this any better because they look up to you as a role model. Seeking any relationship with someone that started out as a child student of yours is wrong, inappropriate, and (insert expletive of your choosing) stupid.

Do not date classmates or training partners!

This is more for junior instructors and helpers on the floor. Having a crush is one thing but there’s no place for it in the dojo. Your first priority should be improving yourself through the art. If you are a junior instructor your job is to take your experience and share it with the other students around you. I have made lifelong friends through my Kung-Fu training, but none of which that I have wanted to be with romantically because; best case scenario we get married (highly unlikely as a junior instructor to think that far ahead) and worst case scenario I take a roundhouse kick to the nose or worse. I do not like those odds.

Do not date your adult students. This includes those in your fitness classes.

This is just a blanket statement for anyone teaching in the fitness world. It is our job to help people improve their health and lifestyle. The moment that you as their coach or instructor sexualizes them in anyway shape or form, you are no longer fit do this job. Your duty to your students is to help them through any and all insecurities that may hinder them in their training and exercise routine. As soon as you put any of your self-interests before your students, you’ve lost all integrity.

In case I was not clear: DO NOT DATE YOUR STUDENTS! Some bonus reasons:

  1. You may make them uncomfortable and they will leave your program meaning you have lost income.
  2. You get sued for sexual harassment, or pedophilia and go to jail.
  3. Word gets out in the town that you work in that you opened up a studio just to find “love “ thus the martial art that you teach secondary and your teachings become discredited.
  4. It’s wrong. I challenge you to debate me on the subject if you feel strongly against anything I have said. I will stand my ground and hold my belief that dating with in the dojo, school, or studio is one of the worst things you can do.

Written For A Purpose, Big Cat

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